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With raspiBackup you can create regular backups of your Raspberry. In addition you can restore a backup to any SD card. A new partition table is created on the target SD card and the backup data is restored on the partitions. If an external root filesystem was saved with raspiBackup this filesystem will also be restored to an external device.

Recently I got issues in github because restore failed. It's strictly recommended to restore your backup with the same OS the backup was created with. You're free to use another Linux release but this may the restore to fail because of different versions of the Linux tools which are usedto backup and restore the backup. In particular it's because of an incompatible change in sfdisk in Bullseye. Just use the OS the backup was created to restore the backup!

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raspiBackup helps to create backups of a running Raspberry with no shutdown or manual intervention which means your can save or clone your SD card during normal operation. An exported root partition will be saved too. Important services will be stopped just before starting the backup and are started again when the backup finished. Any device which can be mounted on Linux can be used as backupspace (USB disk, USB stick, nfs, samba, sshfs, ...). The backup image can be created with dd, tar or rsync using hardlinks. Restore is possible on Windows or Linux. Source Raspbian may have been installed on SD card only or the boot partition may be on SD card and the root partition on an external USB device like USB SSD or USB stick. Raspbian installed on an USB device only using USB boot mode is also supported


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Star ActiveStar ActiveStar ActiveStar ActiveStar Active is also used to store backups on Synology. I don't have a Synology and cannot execute any tests to help on any issues which pop up. That's  why I created this page to allow users of a Synology to share their experiences with Synology and raspiBackup via comments.