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At home I use PiHole to get rid of the annoying Ads in my Firefox. I also want to get this nice feature when I'm away from home.  My Raspberry running  PiHole also has OpenVPN which allows me to access my home network. Unfortunately OpenVPN does not use the pushed DNS without any installation and customization on the OpenVPN client side. See next page how to get this done.


According this page there exist two alternatives:


1) Update of /etc/resolv.conf

2) Usage of systemd-resolved


i went the first path. Everything is well documented on this page.. Just install openresolv, copy and add some lines at the end of the VPN Client config. Then on every start of OpenVPN the gepushed DNS from the OpenVPNServer will be written into /etc/resolv.conf and the original contents will be restored when OpenVPN terminates and the local DNS will be used again.

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