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From time to time there will be a new raspiBackup version be created which includes new features, enhancements and bug fixes. This version will go though an automated regession test which tests the main backup- and restorefunction. Next all new features, enhancements and bug fixes will be tested again manually even they were tested during development. Now the existing version will be published as beta. Everybody will get notified with a smiley :D in the eMail subject and a dedicated message wll inform about the beta availability.  Now every raspibackup user can test the new beta version and to create a problem record if an issue is discovered. It's not possible to test all possible system environment configurations. Thus everybody who tests the beta will help to make sure there will no error been introduced in the new version.

Next page describes how to install the beta, how to uninstall the beta and revert to the previous version and how to create a problem record.



Installation of the beta is quite easy: Invoke sudo -U.The current raspiBackup version will be saved and it's possible to revert to this version at any time. Just invoke sudo -V and select the raspiBackup version you want to revert to.

If contrary to all expectations an issue will be deteced please open on github an issue. It's very important to add the output of sudo --version and I know exactly which code level you use. Please use English (preferred) or German. The issues will then be handled and fixed. If a new version is available the creator of the issue will be notified by github and the new version can be downloaded with sudo -U -Sand the fix now can be verified.

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