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Depending on the backup method used in raspiBackup you should choose the right filesystem on your backup partition. Following table lists the different filesystems per backup method.

impossible: not possible, restricted: limited, possible: possible, plus: suggested



Local backup partitions

Any backup partitions connected locally to the system. I.e. USB disk, USB SSD or USB stick

  dd tar rsync


 (2GB Limit)


 (2G Limit)

fat32 possible possible impossible
exFat possible possible impossible
ntfs possible possible


ext2/3/4 plus plus plus













Remote  backup partitions

Any backup partitions accessed from remote. I.e. smba/cifs or nfs.

  dd tar rsync
smb/cifs possible possible


Works if you use a loop device.

See here for details.

nfs possible possible


ACLs are also saved if you use a loop device.

See here for details.











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